About Us

The founders are young and Energetic with vast experience in this business.

With the Guidance, Support and blessings from our Guru K. Subramanian (Retired Railway Officer) and S. Chandra has given idea to start this company.
Mr. Sambathkumar S, is an accomplished professional with over 22 years of experience in the Facility Service industry. He currently holds the position of Group CEO at Foveal Group of Companies. With a solid educational foundation, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Police Administration, complemented by a Master of Science in Psychology. Mr. Sambath expertise extends to various aspects of security management and training. He holds noteworthy credentials, being a Certified Government of India T3 (Train the Trainer) and TOT (Training of Trainers) trainer under the Ministry of Skill and Entrepreneurship. This certification underscores his commitment to skill development and imparting knowledge within the security sector. His diverse educational background, extensive industry experience, and recognized certification make Mr. Sambath K Subramanian a leader well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the security domain and contribute significantly to the success of Foveal Group of Companies.

Sambath Subramanian